Self Generating Liquidity
Staking Protocol 

The protocol consists of 167 bots working at the same time capitalising on market swings, they run 24/7, taking small profits every second and compounding them and reinvesting them all the profits are then redistributed amongst token holders.
The purpose that the team seeks to achieve is to demonstrate that a crypto project can generate sustainable passive income by following a solid business plan while bringing transparency to the field.
12% of the token supply is vested at a 1% allowance per month. This is to fund their upcoming proprietary blockchain solution, which will be the first decentralised blockchain run by renewable energy sources that aim to be also the safest achieving this by providing full insurance for the funds utilised within.

Infinity Protocol's certified business plan guarantees to pass any upcoming regulations providing self sustained daily passive income for token holders.

Infinity Protocol  a new DeFi solution fully automatic and self sustained

The first rewards token that gives BUSD to holders without affecting the project's liquidity as Infinity Protocol generates its own revenue without risking the projects liquidity pool.

A new approach without false promises.

Infinity Protocol will not promise unrealistic APY returns like most of the BSC projects out there, We will reward token holders based on the revenue generated by the project's creator.

A business model provided and certified by Unlimited Finance

Our protocol has been tested for the past 36 months and it has been created and provided by Unlimited Finance Ltd. a Local company from New Zealand that focuses on rewarding people with realistic numbers and data.

Enjoy passive income  no matter the markets situation

As the rewards are generated outside the project, the liquidity is unaffected no matter the number of holders or the rewards ratio.

Walk away from scams and unrealistic returns 

Most projects that promise a high apy are not able to sustain it as they do not generate any kind of revenue so eventually, they run out of money and projects die.


Meet The Team

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Professor CP


The professor has over 12 years of experience in the fund management sector in 2021 he became a crypto millionaire after developing a tool we like to call Infinity Protocol.


Ami Anderson

Lead Developer

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Junior developer and proven successful project owner, she has been behind projects achiving over 30x at all time highs.

Now under the Professor umbrella a 100x is imminent

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Joel L.


Certified Financial Advisor and master mind behind the algorithm that helps Infinity Protocol,

Joe has been day trading for 8 years achieving the millionaire status at age 25 making decisions based on his financial experience.

Invest with Confidence

Enjoy up to 365% APY all our rewards are paid daily,
Infinity Protocol provides token holders with a passive income solution that is realistic, safe and most importantly 100% sustainable.

Most projects that provide rewards need to sell tokens or supply tokens to holders creating token inflation that eventually is detrimental to the project.

Infinity Protocol generates revenue from an online business, an online casino and social media advertisement.

The revenue is then invested using an Ai

state of art protocol developed by the Unlimited Finance team.


The tool analyses the market and invests the projects revenue generated by the developer's this can be done in the stock market, forex and BTC.

The profits are multiplied at a rate of 1.08% compounded daily with the help of the Ai protocol this assures a daily stable reward ratio for token holders.


Infinity Protocol aims to be the best passive income tool introducing a new concept with transparency, doxxed dev and a certified business plan backed by a local company that specialises in business development and revenue generation.












Unlimited Finance

Our Partners


Are you ready to make steady passive income?

Infinity Protocol is working towards creating an established brand bringing you more than just a staking platform capitalising on NFT staking P2E solutions and a sustainable layer 1 blockchain.

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  • First CEX Listing

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Q2 2023

  • Proprietary Blockchain Launch

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